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Brophy & Associates, Ltd.

Brophy & Associates, Ltd. (B&A) is a Receivership firm head quartered in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in a variety of Receivership Capacities ranging from single family, muti-family homes, commercial properites, estates, farms, retail and industrial assets.

B&A, Ltd. Court Appointed Receivers

A Receiver is an Agent of the Court, acting for the court, and holding assets in custodia legis to preserve status quo. However, Receivers are able to maximize benefits to an estate, depending on the type of Receivership established. The Receiver is a neutral party who represents and is a fiduciary to all parties who are ultimately shown to have interest in a property/fund, or the proceeds of a property/fund. The Receiver obtains the right to possession of the property, but not its title. B&A is a specialized Receivership Business striving to help all parties reach the best possible outcome through mediation, compromise, and financial planning.
How Can B&A, Ltd. Help Your Business?
• Banks
• Property Managers
• Law Firms/Attorneys
• Home Owner's Associations
• Commercial Property
• Business Owners
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