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Brophy & Associates, Ltd. is a full service real estate firm focused on providing management services to secured creditors as receivers. Collectively we have over 35 years of Receivership experience. Our clientele include special servicers, lenders, private equity firms, and generally anyone with an interest or priority lien on a real estate asset. Incorporated in February 2009, we have grown to be one of the most trusted and respected receivership service firms in Colorado and now expanded our services to the Philadelphia Market. Our extensive experience managing assets in Receivership has allowed Brophy and Associates stand out as a leading choice for asset protection through receivership. My partners, Todd Brophy and Ryan Gulick, are actively appointed on each matter the firm handles. Their professionalism and knowledge within the ever-changing real estate industry today give Brophy & Associates its competitive edge. We only employ and utilize the most trusted and respected real estate professionals, managers and agents, all of whom contribute to our growing reputation.

Todd Brophy became a Receiver in 1987 when Sun Savings, a Colorado savings and loan company went into default. Since then, he has continued his work as a court appointed receiver, having been appointed to over 1000 different matters and engagements.

Ryan Gulick joined up with Todd in 2007 having been in Real Estate in Colorado for over ten years in sales and management. Collectively, they have worked to develop a business servicing the growing demands of the economy and distressed asset protection.

Currently, Brophy & Associates, Ltd. handles many different types of Receivership matters ranging from Single family residential, Multi-family, Commercial, Farm, Retail and Industrial assets. We have diverse operations experience in managing Receiverships on active businesses like Restaurants, Car Washes, Storage Facilities, Gas Stations, Farm and Ranch land and even a Brewery bar. Our unique services and skills offer a wide variety of real estate protection and management. We are vetted, trusted and fair to all parties while focusing on the duties and goals set forth by the moving parties.
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